Dermo Gel Cleanser
A complex blend of botanical and marine extracts to gently remove all skin impurities, leaving it clean and supple. Specially formulated to suit all skin types.
Dermo M Pearl Cleaneser
A Cleanser formulated with extract of matsutake mushroom, furfuryladenine, beta-glucan, pearl powder and SOD. Dermo M Pearl Cleanser provides a superb combination of active ingredients for improving skin tone, texture and reducing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.
Dermo Acne Cleanser
A cleanser specially formulated with beta hydroxy acid and dipotassium glycyrrhizate to assist removal of excessive oil and corneocytes and to control acne bacteria.
Dermo Milk Cleaneser
A complex blend of botanical and marine extracts to remove make-up and impurities, leaving skin clean, supple and smooth. Specially formulated for all skin types.
Dermo PH Balancer
An alcohol-free blend of botanical extracts and mild fruit acids to remove residue after cleansing. Contains chamomile essence to calm and refresh the skin.
Dermo Astringent
A special blend of botanical extracts to remove residue and to soothe and freashen acne-prone skin. Dipotassium glycyrrhizate is present to help further control acne-producing bacteria.
  Congested Pores
Dermo P
A combination of herbal and botanical extracts traditionaly known to be effective for comedone treatment. Regular application helps to dissolve away keratin impacted in skin pores. Ingredients also have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activity. The three important actions of this unique preparation ensure maximum benefits for those with acne-prone skin.
Dermo S
A gentle lotion containing alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid to exfoliate excessive corneocytes usually present in acne-prone skin. This will decrease keratin impaction resulting in less comedones and therefore less acne. Exfoliation of excessive corneocytes will also result in a smoother texture.
Dermo B
Contains arbutin, kojic acid and other botanical extracts to effectively reduce blemishes and brighten up the face.
Dermo N
Complex of multiple botanical extracts blended into a unique cream to achieve improved texture and radiance of the skin. It also contains several active lightening ingredients that result in marked reduction in hyperpigmentation as well as an even skin tone.
Dermo A
Complex of retinol in perfect blend to achieve a more even and regular skin turnover resulting in a smooth and radiant texture. It also acts as an enhancer to allow better absorption of active ingredients.
  Acne-Prone Skin
Dermo AA
A complex containing kojic acid and other whitening agents formulated to achieve optimal efficacy. It promotes collagen growth in the skin, thereby reducing fine wrinkles. It mildly exfoliates corneocytes and increases blood circulation to produce a more radiant complexion. It also enhances percutaneous absorption of other dermoskin products.
Dermo Mild
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  Inflamed Acne
Dermo I
A combination of various botanical extracts with anti-inflammatory, soothing and drying actions to effectively resolve inflamed acne spots.
  Ageing Skin
Antioxidant Firm Moisturiser
A complex of botanical extracts with evening primrose oil and vitamin E to provide moisture to the skin. Tones and textures the skin, providing antioxidant and calming benefits. Especially suitable for sensitive skin.
Dermo Firm
Restores lost collagen to the skin, reduces fine lines and nourishes the skin. Excellent anti-ageing properties. Highly recommended for tired or stressed skin.
Dermo C
A specially formulated essence to nourish the skin, Dermo C has whitening, anti-ageing, anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Excellent for rejuvenating skin.
  Sun Protection
Dermo Sunblock SPF 25
Contains both UVA and UVB blocking ingredients and various botanical extracts to soothe the skin as it is exposed to the sun.
  Sun Protection
Dermo Sunblock SPF 25 with Foundation
Contains both UVA and UVB blocking ingredients and various botanical extracts to soothe the skin as it is exposed to the sun. Natural skin-coloured foundation added for more even skin coverage. Specially formulated for the tropics.
Dermo Sunblock Shade #1 SPF 15
Specially formulated for Asian skin and climate. Excellent as a foundation or a moisturiser. Provides both UVA and UVB protection.
Sphere Foundation with SPF 15 Sunblock
Silky lightweight foundation formulated for a lustrous texture1 and instant glow. Gentle sunscreen protects against the damaging and ageing effects of the sun. An excellent make-up base with botanical extracts for skin-illuminating effects.